Our Work

We are a collaborative team bringing brands to life through creative, digital solutions, print production, and packaging.

Rayment & Collins is a progressive and insightful agency, both technically and creatively skilled, to build creative solutions for your business.

Our design and development approach creates impactful, engaging projects, and immersive marketing experiences.

In both the physical world and the digital world."

different devices shsowing a volvo campaign across computer, a tablet and phone.


Our design and production teams adapted and enhanced their communications into full print and digital application experiences.

Amd Kiosk design showing the web page with its facets and entry points.


The development of a self-serve demo kiosk to serve as a digital platform for retail customers to research AMD-powered products.

Airbnb logo

Air Bnb

Working alongside brand management, our creative producers brought meaningful visuals alive to support brand incentives and promotions.

Amd wesite shown on a desktop computer

AMD Web Development and Solution

Rayment & Collins had designed and developed a complete digital ecosystem, including website, database, and printed codes.

A branded guidebook cover showing St Augustines brand guidelines

St Augustines

To modernize and build a platform that speaks to all present and future constituents. It was about taking what was and bringing it to the future in a clean, concise way.

A lay out of Sleemans Labelling artwork.


From print, digital, packaging, and mock-ups to developing marketing assets to their vast beer categories portfolio.

3 cinnamon buns

Gourmet Baker

Providing creative production, capturing beautiful images to support their incentives and promotions.

3 branding campaigns of people in their daily life with a shadow of them becoming a firefighter

City of Brampton

Collaboration with the City of Brampton to revamp Brampton Fire recruitment campaign through print, digital, and Out of Home.

dip in with Sabra


The creative team captured the magic of a fulfilled campaign for showcasing on social media and award shows.

Brew House dashboard seen through different devices like phone, ipad and Desktop computer

Brewhouse Digital Solution

A total digital solution to bridge the gap between corporate marketing and the individual sales team's needs with multiple workflows.

The inside of the Police book showing colours

York Regional Police

We are the source for taking artwork files for detailed and unique print jobs and finding a solution for a higher than standard quality to represent the best-finished product.

Sporting Life 10K website with new brand Elements

Sporting Life 10K

On the fly to create a virtual run concept. We also create a logo that could transition should virtual not be in play for the future.

Kitting showing a folded cardboard base, belly band and utility tool with AMD branding

AMD Kitting and Fulfilment

" It was providing premium caliber packaging with high-quality components that were practical and had longevity. "

Small standing print calandars made for Pet Valu

Pet Valu

Printing the thousands of components for all of Pet Valu's monthly promotions requires attention to detail in all of the stages of production.

Pabst Blue Ribbin social ads on Facebook


Developing PrePress, product photography, retouching, and creating large signage supported by social media and web campaign design.

Go Seafood website seen by mobile, tablet and desktop.

Go Ocean Seafood

The delicious sensory taste personifies GO via digital channels, website design, photography, and packaging.

Different layouts of Okanagan artwork .

Okanagan Spring

A complete redesign. Packaging supported by design, art, and photography to coincide with their social media and web campaign.

Its good pasta labelling in different colour variations

National Pasta

We designed and launched an excellent brand for consumers who wanted a healthier option through design, packaging, to digital.

2 stad alone signs for Spring Mill that sit outside a restaurant

Spring Mill

From POS materials, signage, packaging, stunning photography, and conceptual design, we helped bring it to life.

Two books stacked on top of each other

Illuminations Art Book

The real test of the art of printing is printing a book about "art. "

2 ipads and 2 iphones showing the facebook ads.

Queen's Manor

Design and implement a go-to-market social strategy to bring brand awareness to set the tone for a facility that promised memories of a lifetime.

A bottle of wayne Gretsky 99 wine

Wayne Gretsky 99 Wine

Giving a face to the brand/product through social media. The power of video can sometimes provide the sensory effect needed to make the point.

a picture of a map, a shoe, a bottle of wine and a hat

Peller Estates

This small distillery wanted to give a face to the brand/product through social media via video, providing the sensory effect needed to make the point.